Kenya Helicopter Tours in Kenya

Best helicopter Safaris in Kenya

Best Helicopter Tours in Kenya

Heli Tours in Kenya - Scenic Chopper Safaris

Having your own wings gives you total freedom to explore Kenya’s wildest, most spectacular and extreme locations by booking our helicopter tours and safaris. Places inaccessible by land and untouched by humans are suddenly at your fingertips. Northern Kenya hosts some of East Africa’s most remote geographical wonders. Looking down on this vast wilderness from above offers an entirely new perspective.

Enjoy instant access to remote locations, otherwise unavailable under time constraints. Hover over wildlife or touch down beside a turquoise pool for a refreshing swim. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity during your luxury Kenya safari holiday to see the wildest corners of the country.

Our helicopter tours allow you to explore some of the most remote and wildest corners of Kenya, in Northern Kenya regions. Each experience can be tailor-made based on each guest’s interest and passions – no adventure is the same.

On a helicopter safari, there’s no need to schedule your entire day. Paired with a private pilot who’s an expert in the region, you really can kick back and go wherever the wind takes you. You can customise your own safari itinerary as per your needs and we will glad to design better with good input to make it the best memorable African Safari ever.

Lake Logipi Helicopter Safaris

Lake Logipi Tours - Flamingo Photography Heli Tours

Lake Logipi helicopter tours are one of the magical experiences you might ever have in your entire life. Imagine flying over a lake full of pure lesser and greater flamingos, from above, creating the best photographic scene you will ever see. Lake Logipi is one of the less visited destinations in Kenya, and it offers nothing but magical landscpaes and scenics. Our Helcopter safaris serves you this opportunity to explore these destination with ease. 

While on safari in Samburu we can organise for you a private helicopter tour over Lake Logipi, and later over Mathew Ranges. With a dedicated pilot you will enjoy a short tour or a full day helicopter tour in Lake Logipi with visit to some extra destinations such as Suguta Valley and Loiyangalani. Visit the minority communities such as the El molo and Rendille People. 

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Cheetah Safaris offers safaris from the United Kingdom and can be customized to fit your best preferences. We can as well help you with return flight arrangements from the UK to Tanzania.

Suguta Valley Helicopter Tours

Suguta Valley Photography Safaris - Helicopter Safaris

The Suguta Valley Chopper Day trip takes guests across to the edge of the Rift Valley via magnificent sheer cliffs and waterfalls. Guests will fly around an extremely high rocky outcrop called Naturuk with fantastic bird life living on the cliffs then down through the Painted Valley and the Hudu Valley for a bite to eat and a coffee. Onto the Southern end of Turkana for some awesome Crocodile sightings and then land up on the Nabiyotum Crater.

From Turkana guests fly across to Lake Logipi to see the Flamingos, and Golden Jackals, and land on the lakebed flats. They then fly low and slow up the Suguta Valley to the sand dunes where the helicopter lands so guests can enjoy the dunes and swim if there has been some rain and water filled up in parts of the dunes. The helicopter tour continues flying up the Suguta Valley to the crystal-clear fish pools for a swim, and lunch and the fish throw in a pedicure for free.

After lunch they fly across to Silali (another soda lake) for some more Flamingo flying before nipping up the edge of the Rift, onto the Mbata Plains, and along the Karisia Range on the back to the camp or lodge. It’s one of the most spectacular days in parts of Kenya that most Kenyans and tourists have never been to before.

The Suguta Valley Safari plus one night overnight is essentially the Suguta day split overnight. Instead of doing it all in one day, we fly the guests across to Turkana’s South Island (completely exclusive), where there is a rustic camp set up (which is always subject to availability). We spent the late afternoon heading out on the boat fishing for Nile Perch, Tiger Fish, and Tilapia. There are some very cool Crocodile sightings, and the day concludes with a sundowner. The overnight in Turkana gives guests more time to fly across different areas at a leisurely pace.

Suguta plus two nights is similar again but with more time down in Turkana, guests can fly around various parts of the lake and other interesting places that you wouldn’t do on the one-night or Suguta Day trip. As well as lots more fishing and fun activities.

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Mt. Kenya scenic safaris

Scenic safaris in kenya - Breakfast on Mt. Kenya

Do you ever dream of having your breakfast in a unique place? Well, we organise breakfast on Mt. Kenya with our Helicopter tours. Whether staying in Nairobi or in Laikipia region or Samburu National Reserve, a breakfast on Mt. Kenya is possible and we can organise that for you. 

Imagine enjoying a scenic flight before and after your breakfast, and while biting while sitting on your sit, you enjoy the most epic views of the whole region. A scenic tour around Mt. Kenya peak is magical and out of this world. Another magicl escapade is a scenic flight on to Mt. Kilimanjaro, that will blow your mind. Although Mt. Kilimanjaro Scenic Safaris are not that common, but can be done from Nairobi. Enjoying an Amboseli Scenic tour of the wildlife and landscape around as you fly to Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

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Helicopter Safaris & Holidays FAQs

Incase you have questons in regards to our Helicopter Safari Tours, we have answered them below, in case you haven’t seen the right answer, please get in touch with our team and we will be glad to help you. 

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How Long are the Helicopter Tours?

Our Helicopter Safari Tours depends entirely on how long you would want to fly. The range from 2hours helicopter flights to even 2 nights helicopter flights around the various destinations we visit. 

Which Places Do you Visit?

Our Helicopter Safari Adventures cover very interesting less visted destinations in Kenya. These includes and not limited to Lake Turkana, Lake Logipi, Suguta Valley, Samburu, Mt. Kenya, Meru, Laikipia and Masai Mara.

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