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Explore the best of our Luxury Safaris to Botswana, including an all-inclusive safari adventure across the major and prime destinations in Botswana. Botswana Safaris are well designed to fit our guests’ preferences and can be customized entirely to what our guests want. 

Fly from Maun Botswana straight to Okavango Delta for an exclusive safari holiday. Staying in completely exclusive safari camps, far away from the norm of the day, that immerses you deep into the wilds of the Okavango Delta.

The luxury safari experiences in Botswana are well planned in every itinerary you choose, from Mokoro to cruises and game drives in any of the 4 best National Parks in Botswana. 

Botswana Safaris and Holidays
Botswana Safaris and Holidays

Botswana Safaris that suit you

Luxury Botswana Holiday Safaris

Kenya’s safari destinations are spread across the country and each is dense with wildlife.  Guests landing in or departing from Nairobi to Masai Mara or Amboseli or any Kenya destination might choose to spend a night or two in this vibrant city which has plenty on offer, including game viewing at Nairobi National Park for a local game drive.  Reaching the safari parks is done by vehicle or by a short domestic flight from Wilson Airport.

Safari holidays in Kenya will often begin from Nairobi when guests arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and are picked by our safari guides or Cheetah Safaris representatives. Our Kenya safaris are All Inclusive and family oriented, friendly to families and kids, or even to couples looking to explore Kenya intimately. 

All of these provide you with ideas for planning, showing how camps and regions can be combined smoothly. When you’re ready and inspired, we will be glad to receive your inquiry, and our safari experts will help you put together an incredible safari to Kenya.

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Browse some of our amazing safari itineraries to inspire you more and book your best safari with us. We can customise any safari itinerary you feel fits in your prefferences and you would love to twerk abit, we will be glad to help you.

Best Safaris in Okavango Delta

Botswana Luxury Safaris in Okavango Delta

Explore Kenya better with our Exclusive Luxury Kenya Safaris. We offer the best safaris in Kenya, affordable but worth every penny. By planning your safaris with us, you are guaranteed nothing less than exemplary camping experiences, guiding services, and lifetime memories.

Our Luxury Kenya safaris cover some of the best safari destinations in East Africa. Our Kenya Safari itineraries include amazing and magical destinations such as the Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli, Tsavo West, East, and many others. 

Why are our Kenya Safaris from UK the best? We durate, and detail it with expertise, proffessionalism and all our knowledge in order to offer you an outstanding and exceptional safari. We detail your holiday to make sure you have every tiny bit of it at your finger tip. 

If you are looking for that exclusive Kenya safari holiday from the United Kingdom, we at Cheetah Safaris boost to offer you nothing but the best.

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Cheetah Safaris offers safaris from the United Kingdom and can be customized to fit your best preferences. We can also help you with return flight arrangements from the UK to Botswana.

Best Time To Visit Botswana

Best Time for Botswana safaris and holidays

Kenya is a year-round destination, with good game viewing throughout the year. For the best time to visit Kenya, you’ll probably want to visit between July and October, when the great annual wildebeest migration is in full swing – a truly magical spectacle. If you are looking to visit Kenya during the warmer summer months then you’ll want to visit between December and March.

Due to Kenya’s equatorial setting, the country enjoys year-round warm weather and relatively low annual rainfall. However, with a range of altitudes and the country’s two rainy seasons, it is possible you will experience some variation depending on when and where you visit. The temperatures vary greatly from Nairobi to Laikipia, and from Nakuru to the coastal regions.

Kenya experiences a short wet burst in November and December, but the primary wet season comes from March to May. While the shorter rains in November and December can still be an excellent time to visit Kenya, travel to the country is best avoided during the long wet season from March to May.

The rains at that time can be relentless, obscuring visibility and making trails in the national parks challenging to navigate. Humidity is also very high. In addition, many safari camps close up shop at this time of year.

Botswana Safaris and Holidays

Jan to March

Best time to witness more than 8000 wildebeests calves being born daily in South of Serengeti. Best time for an excellent safari in Tanzania. The months are hot and dry.

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April To June

Despite it being a low season, we recommend you book safari this time if you are on a budget and you would love to enjoy luxury. The season is wet and cold all through to July.

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July To December

These months are the best for wildebeest migration in Serengeti, offering best moments to witness wildebeest crossings and big cats activities in Northern Serengeti. The months are hot and dry.

Popular National Parks in Botswana

Wildlife Destinations in Botswana

Among the 48 national parks and 9 marine parks in Kenya, the country is renowned for the Masai Mara National Reserve, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lake Takurna, Amboseli National Park, Samburu National Reserve, and the Kenyan Coast. The country is very accessible, with Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, the hub for East Africa.

There are local and scheduled flights daily, and those looking to travel by land can expect a mostly sound and easy experience. Cheetah Safaris prides to be one of the best reputable safari companies, with guided safari options in our 4×4 land cruiser jeeps available for travelers, you are guaranteed to visit all these destinations with ease. 

Kenya has numerous parks, reserves, and sanctuaries, all of which have their own charm, accommodation, and wildlife attractions. Kenya National Parks and Reserves are distributed all over the country. Visit the Masai Mara for the great migration, or Tsavo West and East for the Man-eaters of lions and red elephants, or just fly to Sibiloi National Park in Turkana to discover human evolution.

Do you dream of just waking up t the crackle of birds and beautiful views of Mt. Kilimanjaro? Amboseli National Park offers unending memories of these experiences in Kenya.

Botswana Safaris & Holidays FAQs

Incase you have questons in regards to our Kenya Safaris, we have answered them below, in case you haven’t seen the right answer, please get in touch with our team and we will be glad to help you. 

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Is Kenya Safe to Visit For Holidays / Safaris?

Kenya is safe to visit either with your family, work colleagues, or friends or just on solo travel. Security and intelligence levels of Kenya are high to keep all guests and tourists safe while on safari, work, or any other activities. 

Kenya safaris from the United Kingdom

Yes, Cheetah Safaris offers Kenya Safaris from the United Kingdom. We offer a variety of safaris from the UK, including luxury and flying safaris, Family and Couples Safaris, and Wildebeest Migration safaris among many others. 

We have custom-made safaris in Africa, and Kenya Safaris starting from the United Kingdom. All our safaris are all-inclusive with ground handling, from the airport and back to the airport with professional guides and amazing luxury safari camps and lodges. We however can offer you All Inclusive Safaris with return flights from the UK.

Luxury Kenya Safaris from the United Kingdom

Cheetah Safaris offers Kenya Safaris from the UK with an option to include return flights. We offer Luxury Safaris for our guests from the United Kingdom, and an all-inclusive safari holiday in Africa. We mind all aspects of your safari when we start off customizing and tailor-making your holiday to be the best. 

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