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East African safaris

Our African Safari Holidays are a selection of the best destinations, experiences, and endless memory-creating opportunities. Africa is known for its wild adventures, unpredictable sightings, and just its beautiful people.

If you are looking forward to ever seeing a lion prowl in the African Savannah or just the phenomenal great wildebeest migration, or maybe you have it on your bucket list to sleep under the skies of Africa, then Cheetah Safaris offers the best experiences ever. 

Wake to the beautiful snow-capped Mt. Kenya or Mt. Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National Park, with hundreds of elephants passing by close to you while on a Cheetah Safaris jeep.

Africa has a safari for every traveler – what will your travel story be? African safari packages and tours range from bucket-list adventures to ultra-luxurious vacations and everything in between.

Our African safaris are only sold from guest to guest – 100% word-of-mouth, referrals from friends, and more than 60% of our guests return, often over several generations.

We bring over 20+ years of experience and a deep love of Africa to each safari, factors which combine to ensure your safari is as you dreamt of while panning it. 


Safari holidays that suit you

Kenya and tanzania safaris

All our safaris from the UK are a perfect fit for any kind of traveler looking to enjoy a beautiful memorable African Safari. African safari tours are a pure bliss for families, photograhers, kids looking to make memories. 

African wildlife safaris in are experienced in different safari destinations, including the famous Serengeti National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park among many other wildlife safari destinations in East Africa.

We pride in curating amazing best African safaris, right from pick up at the airport, through the various safari destinations, witnessing wildlife actions and beautiful scenery sightings and interact with amazing people and right back flying home. 

Kenya Safaris

Best Safaris in Africa

African Safaris from UK

Is Africa your dream holiday destination? Cheetah Safaris offers customized African Safaris from the United Kingdom. 

The word Safari is a Swahili word meaning journey. Today’s safari is an occasion to see but not harm the local wildlife, experience the local people’s traditions, and make endless lifetime experiences. This can be experienced on an African safari by staying in upscale lodges as well as on less expensive safari camps.

We are keen on building a perfect safari for you but one you can afford. Our focus is always drawn on sustainable safaris, boosting community activities, and impacting locals to improve safaris for the future. We offer the most extensive range of safari trips in East Africa! Many people have traveled with Cheetah Safaris. We are happy to say that every one of them had an unforgettable experience.

Book your Africa safari using Cheetah Safaris UK, and experience all the benefits, better services, professional guiding services, and airport meet and greet. Send us an inquiry for a good curated and designed safari for you in Africa. 

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Cheetah Safaris offers African safaris from the United Kingdom and can be customized to fit your best preferences. We can as well help you with return flight arrangements from the UK to Africa.

All Inclusive African Safaris

All-Inclusive African Holidays

Book our All Inclusive African Safaris right from the UK and enjoy exclusive memorable safaris in East Africa. Our Luxury Safari Tours from UK to Kenya and Tanzania are one of a Kind, magical and beautiful. 

With our perfectly selected safari camps, all our African Safari itineraries are well designed to enjoy every bit of your safari is well taken care of.  Enjoy magical sunset over the savnnah grassland horizons while you sip your best Gin or Wine. 

We love seeing our guests happy satisfied and well relaxed after every safari they do with us. With our qualified safari guides, you are in great hands, since you will learn so much, discover much and after the whole trip, you will have had an incredible safari. 

Use our 4×4 land cruiser safari vehicles with open roofs, fitted with reclining seats, speacious and comfortable for long trips, they are fitted with good gripping tyres ensuring you enjoy an amazing African Massage. 

African Safaris & Holidays FAQs

Incase you have questons in regards to our African Safaris, we have answered them below, in case you haven’t seen the right answer, please get in touch with our team and we will be glad to help you. 

Visit Our FAQs Page for more insights.

Is East Africa Safe to Visit For Holidays / Safaris?

East Africa is safe to visit either with your family, work colleagues, or friends or just on solo travel. Security and intelligence levels of Tanzania are high to keep all guests and tourists safe while on safari, work, or any other activities. 

African safaris from the United Kingdom

Yes, Cheetah Safaris offers African Safaris from the United Kingdom. We offer a variety of safaris from the UK, including luxury and flying safaris, Family and Couples Safaris, and Wildebeest Migration safaris among many others. 

We have custom-made safaris in Africa, and African Safaris starting from the United Kingdom. All our safaris are all-inclusive with ground handling, from the airport and back to the airport with professional guides and amazing luxury safari camps and lodges. We however can offer you All Inclusive Safaris with return flights from the UK.

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