Tanzania National Parks

Best National Parks in Tanzania

National Parks in Tanzania

Best National Parks in Tanzania

Tanzania has some of the most phenomenal national parks for wildlife viewing on the planet. We have more than 18 National Parks in Tanzania with vast virgin wilderness hosting different wildlife species. You plan to summit the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, or spend your time in the less-known park of Ruaha National Park south of Tanzania. 

Discover the best of Tanzania National Parks with luxury safari camps, plenty of wildlife to see, activities to engage with, people to interact with, and immersion in nature fully. 

The Tanzania Northern Circuit National Parks are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. The Serengeti is world famous for its annual migration of millions of animals, while Ngorongoro Crater is home to a large number of rare and endangered species. Lake Manyara National Park is known for its lush vegetation and stunning views.

If you’re looking to experience some of the best wildlife viewing Africa has to offer, be sure to visit the Tanzania Northern Circuit National Parks!

We ensure that you actually experience these incredible ecosystems (rather than just ‘checking them off the list’ as more rushed safaris do). With multiple days to explore, you’ll maximize your chances of astounding wildlife sightings, and of seeing the more elusive species.

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Popular National Parks in Tanzania

Wildlife Destinations in Tanzania

There are amazing safari national parks in Tanzania that you can visit and enjoy exclusive safaris. If you are looking to enjoy a safari holiday in Tanzania, we have highlighted some of the most popular national parks in Tanzania that we think might be the best to visit. 

Witness the great wildebeest migration or spend the day at the Ngorongoro Crater, all offering authentic luxury experiences to you. These safari parks enjoy plenty of wildlife species, and safari activities such as balloon safaris and walking safaris. 

Explore the best of Tanzania National Parks with our private and luxury safaris, exclusive safaris from the United Kingdom. We curate amazing safaris for you and your loved ones. 

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Best Time for a Tanzania safari holiday

The best time to visit Tanzania is between January and March, July and October. During these seasons, wildlife activities are in plenty, and the weather and climate conditions are friendly, making them being the best months for a holiday in Tanzania. 

During the high season of January to March, the climate is favorable for wildlife sightings such as wildebeest calving, lots of big cats hunting and best time to visit Ngorongoro Crater and other national parks in Tanzania. 

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Jan to March

Best time to witness more than 8000 wildebeests calves being born daily in South of Serengeti. Best time for an excellent safari in Tanzania. The months are hot and dry.

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April To June

Despite it being a low season, we recommend you book safari this time if you are on a budget and you would love to enjoy luxury. The season is wet and cold all through to July.

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July To December

These months are the best for wildebeest migration in Serengeti, offering best moments to witness wildebeest crossings and big cats activities in Northern Serengeti. The months are hot and dry.

Tanzania Safaris & Holidays FAQs

Incase you have questons in regards to our Tanzania Safaris, we have answered them below, in case you haven’t seen the right answer, please get in touch with our team and we will be glad to help you. 

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How many national parks are in Tanzania?

There are 22 national parks in Tanzania, and they are managed by the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA).  These 20 national parks and nature reserves in Tanzania cover about 37% of the country. These 155,000 square miles of protected areas are home to an incredible 310 mammal species, including the Big Five and over 910 different types of birds.

Largest National Park in Tanzania

The biggest national park in Tanzania is Nyerere national park which covers about 30,000 square kilometres. The national park is found in the southern part of Tanzania and is also a famous safari destination in the country.

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