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Samburu National Reserve

Discover Samburu National Reserve and Its wildlife

Samburu National Reserve is located in Northern Kenya and is a premier game reserve situated on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River. This vast expanse of remote pristine wilderness measures 165 square kilometers in area and borders the Ewaso Ng’iro River to the south, which separates it from the Buffalo Springs National Reserve.

The traditional homeland of the Samburu people, this arid terrain features northern Kenya’s biggest river, Ewaso Nyiro. Quenching the thirst of the abundant wildlife that roams this reserve, the Samburu people were lured to this area due to the reliability of the Ewaso Nyiro which provides water for their herds. The river courses through Samburu National Park, Shaba National Reserve, and the Buffalo Springs National Reserve to the south.

Home to the rare northern special five species (Grevy zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, and the beisa oryx) this craggy, rugged region unfolds a romantic, awe-inspiring safari experience. Captivating Samburu elephant herds saunter over this game-rich reserve and big cats prowl through the thick acacia forest.

Samburu is considered a gem among discerning safari goers because it is relatively uncrowded. Unlike Amboseli, it attracts few self-driving visitors over weekends or during school holidays, it also never reaches the fever pitch of the Masai Mara during the Great Wildebeest Migration, when thousands arrive to view the spectacle (that is why we prefer to stay in private conservancies in the Mara). You may have to work harder to find sightings but, when you do, the reward is that much sweeter and you’re likely to have few other vehicles around you. The big cats are found here as are unusual species like gerenuk.

Samburu National Reserve - Samburu Safaris - Kenya Safaris - African Safari Holidays - Cheetah Safaris UK
Samburu National Reserve - Samburu Safaris - Kenya Safaris - Cheetah Safaris UK
Samburu National Reserve - Samburu Safaris - Kenya Safaris - African Safari Holidays - Cheetah Safaris UK

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Best Time To Visit Samburu National Reserve

Best Time for a Samburu National Reserve safari holiday

So which is the best month to visit Samburu? The best time to visit Samburu National Reserve if any time of the year. Samburu is a year-round destination because it does not have extremely intense rainy seasons (this also means the risk of malaria is low, but do consult your travel clinic about prophylactics). The mid-year winter is cooler and drier, and coincides with peak safari season from about June to October. The dry conditions make the animals easier to find and see since they won’t move far from the Ewaso Ngiro River, one of the few sources of water.

We consider the long dry season from July to October to be the best time to visit Samburu Reserve. You enjoy sunny, blue skies with almost no rain. Water sources are limited due to the absence of rainfall, so the animals congregate along the Ewaso River to drink and feed. Samburu National Reserve experiences long rains from April to May, while the short rainy season runs from mid-October to mid-December, but usually the rains are concentrated in November, while the dry season runs from June to early October and January to March.

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Jan to March

This is the best time to visit Masai Mara for a wildlife safari. This is the best time to explore the greater Masai Mara. January to March offers a warm and green season with great weather.

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April To June

Despite it being a low season, we recommend you book your safari this time if you are on a budget and you would love to enjoy luxury. The season is wet and cold all through to July.

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July To December

These months are the best for wildebeest migration in Masai Mara, offering best moments to witness wildebeest crossings and big cats activities in Masai Mara and other parks. The months are hot and dry.

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Samburu National Reserve FAQs

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Best Time to Visit Samburu?

Samburu National Reserve can be visited year-round, but wildlife watching is usually best in the dry months from June to September and January to February.

What is the Entrance fee of Samburu?

Samburu National Reserve Entrance Fees
Citizen – KenyaCharges
AdultKsh 2600
ChildKsh 1300
Residents – East AfricaCharges
AdultKsh 1000
ChildKsh 500
Adult70 USD
Child40 USD

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