Kenya or Tanzania For Safaris – Which is Better for Safaris?

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Kenya or Tanzania For Safaris – Which is Better for Safaris?

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So Which is Better for Safaris? Kenya or Tanzania?

Kenya and Tanzania are countries located in the Eastern part of Africa. So you wonder which is better, Kenya or Tanzania. They share the same climate, ecosystem, and natural resources, and have amazing cultural practices.

If you are looking to visit Kenya or Tanzania and still wondering which is better, then there isn’t, they are all best by their uniqueness. There are some distinctive differences, especially in location, size, wildlife species, and cultural practices.

These two countries share a lot in common, as neighbors, they have the most common things like the wildebeest migration, sharing the Mara river, the Mara Serengeti ecosystem, the Indian Ocean, the Maasai People and their culture, and much more. All these define the common factors between them.

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Kenya or Tanzania Safaris – Our Guests on Safari Game Drives in Amboseli.

Kenya Vs Tanzania – Which is better for Safaris

We will look at some common similarities that Kenya and Tanzania Share in detail. These are things like wildlife, culture, and natural resources, later we will look at their unique differences, and what each country is unique about.

So what do Kenya and Tanzania share in common:-

  • Wildlife species

Kenya and Tanzania share different wildlife species, these include wildebeests, common zebras, Masai giraffes, savannah lions and leopards, and many types of bird species too. These wildlife species cross over from one country to the other in search of greener grounds and water.

Both Kenya and Tanzania wildlife authorities have mandated themselves to protect and look after these wildlife species, and help them grow and stay in their natural habitat.

  • Cultural Similarities

Most communities living in Kenya and Tanzania are Bantus Cushites and Nilotes, these communities share most if not all similar cultural practices and even their languages are almost similar to each other.

A good example is the Maasai People. This community leaves between the border of Kenya and Tanzania. But they have similar cultural practices such as initiations, celebrations,s and ceremonies, how they graze their cattle, and as well as how their lifestyle is in general.

  • They both are the origin of Human Kind

Kenya and Tanzania are known to be home to the human evolution story and history. If you visit Kenya, you can travel to Sibiloi National Park in Northern Kenya, in a place called Loiyangalani, and if your visit Tanzania, the best place is Olduvai Gorge in Ngorongoro Crater.

They both share this history, and there is evidence to define the evolution of Man in Africa. You can visit these places, Sibiloi Nation Park and Olduvai Gorge at any time of the year to learn and understand them.

  • Share a Coastline and Beach Experiences

Since Kenya and Tanzania are neighbors, the Indian Ocean coastline is shared between the two. The joining coastline runs from Lamu Island in Kenya down all the way to Mtwara in Tanzania with a total distance of 1183 Miles.

With 1,424km (883 miles) of Indian Ocean shoreline in Tanzania from Tanga to Mtwara, The Kenyan coastline stretches for about 300 miles from Lamu in the far north of the country, down to the south of Mombasa.

They have both won the best beach awards in Africa, making them the best beach holiday destinations, with vacations that are exclusive, friendly, and affordable.

  • Climate and Weather

These two countries share the same weather and climate patterns. They are located along the equator, and they are known to have the best climate for safari holidays. The rainy seasons and hot seasons are all the same. The best time to Visit East Africa is between January and March, and July to October of every year.

The rainy seasons in Kenya and Tanzania are between March and June, and Late October to Early December. These are not the best time to visit either Kenya or Tanzania.

Kenya Vs Tanzania - Which is better for Safaris
Kenya Vs Tanzania – Which is Better for Safaris


Kenya Vs Tanzania – Unique Differences

Despite both countries having similar factors, Kenya and Tanzania also have distinctive differences in terms of what they both offer separately.

As East African Countries, these two neighbors differ in aspects of safari experiences that each offers guests visiting them. With distinct and unique national parks and reserves, they offer a lot of guests visiting them for safaris.

Let us look at some of the differences that they both offer:-

  • Wildlife Species

The equator passes through Kenya, and this defines what species are on both sides of the hemispheres. The northern hemisphere has special five species such as the beisa oryx, gerenuk, Grevy zebras, Somali ostrich, and reticulated giraffes. These are only found in Kenya.

In Tanzania, you will find species such as the Masai Giraffes, common zebras, Masai ostrich, and other types such as the big five wildlife species and others. These wildlife species are also seen in the southern part of Kenya.

  • Kenya has two Deserts, But Tanzania does not have

Kenya is known to have two common deserts, the Calbi Desert and the Nyiri Desert. These two offer the best desert experiences in East Africa. One is located in Northern Kenya and the other is in the Southern part of the country. Tanzania on the other hand does not have any known deserts.

The most common one is the Chalbi desert, located north of Nairobi, in Marsabit County. Guests visit here while on their northern Kenya safari expeditions going to Loiyangalani and Turkana.

  • Kenya VS Tanzania Population, size, and Tribes

Tanzania is bigger in size than Kenya. Its 945,087 km² in size while Kenya is 582,646 km², almost twice in size. Tanzania has more than 120 tribes, all with their own traditions and customs. Kenya on the other hand has 44 registered and known tribes. 

Since Tanzania has more tribes, makes it has more people in terms of population compared to Kenya. Tanzania has 61.5 million (2021) people compared to Kenya which has 54.99 million (2021) people.

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro Vs Mt. Kenya

The highest point and mountain in Africa is Mt. Kilimanjaro, standing tall at a height of 5,895 m high above sea level, followed by Mt. Kenya which is the second highest mountain in Africa, standing tall at a height of 5,199 m high above sea level.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is found in Tanzania, but so close to the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Can be easily seen better in Kenya Amboseli National Park, but to summit and challenge yourself, you can climb it only in Tanzania.

Mt. Kenya is found in central Kenya, and has three peaks, as well as a challenging one can take. It’s tougher than Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  • Coast Line and Beach Experiences

As much as Kenya and Tanzania share a long coastal line, both countries have different experiences. Tanzania has Zanzibar island that offers exquisite beach holidays and Kenya has several beaches too.

There are many other islands in Tanzania such as Pemba Island, Mafia Island, Mnemba Island, Chumbe Island, Kilwa Kisiwani, and many others. Kenya on the other hand has Lamu Island, Watamu Beach, Diani Beach, Chale Island, Malindi Beach, Funzi Island, and many others.

Diani Beach - Kenya Beach Safaris - Beach Holidays in Kenya - Cheetah Safaris UK
Kenya Vs Tanzania – Which is better for Safaris – Beach Holidays in Kenya – Cheetah Safaris UK

Kenya and Tanzania Safari Costs and Prices – Kenya or Tanzania

Let’s now discuss the cost of Safari both in Kenya and Tanzania. Tanzania Safaris tend to be expensive compared to Kenya. These are attributed to factors such as government taxes and fees, the exclusivity of camps which makes them expensive, and the park fees and concession fees.

Below is a table showing the differences:-

Average Kenya Safari Cost – How Much Does A Safari In Kenya Cost

A Kenya Safari Costs for the budget to mid-range Luxury Safaris are approximately $800 – $1800 per person per day. In these safari packages, you can opt to fly from Nairobi to the Mara or Amboseli and enjoy a luxury safari that offers you an optimum experience.

4-star comfort 4-star luxury 5-star luxury
Low High Low High Low High
USD 300 – USD 675 USD 550 –  USD 870 USD 800 – USD 1,200 USD 1000 – USD 1500 USD 1,450 USD 2350

Average Tanzania Safari Cost – How Much Does A Safari In Tanzania Cost

On average, a Tanzania safari costs $ 680 USD per person per day. The Budget Tanzania safari price is $ 680 per person per day Midrange Price: is from $ 1200 USD per person per day. Tanzania Luxury Safari Price is: from $ 1850 USD per person per day.

4-star comfort 4-star luxury 5-star luxury
Low High Low High Low High
USD 300 – USD 675 USD 680 –  USD 1200 USD 950 – USD 1400 USD 1200 – USD 1900 USD 1,850 USD 2950

So which is better, Kenya or Tanzania for Safaris?

The answer is non since they both are unique with their own attractions, features, and interesting sightings. We recommend you book a combined Kenya and Tanzania Safari since this will expose you much more to the different experiences offered in both.
As you plan a long-haul safari in East Africa, we advise you to add in some of the most interesting safari destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. We recommend you visit Serengeti National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, Tarangire National Park, Amboseli National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Samburu National Reserve.
We have a detailed guide on when is the best time to visit both Kenya and Tanzania. This will help you plan your safari accordingly, with the help of an expert, we will make it more memorable and exciting for you and your family.
Our Kenya and Tanzania Safaris are all suitable for families, both old and young, couples, or even solo safari adventurers.

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