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Cheetah Safaris UK is a Safari Company based in Nairobi Kenya. We offer luxury safaris and family safaris from the United Kingdom (UK). Since 2012, Cheetah Revolution safaris has been offering excellent, memorable safaris to our guests. We have been offering expert knowledge, and advice through our knowledge-based blogs and African Safari guides to help you plan your next holiday with ease. 

We go beyond and above everything to make memories of the over 1000+ safari guests we have hosted in the past years. We customised and tailor makes your holiday with expert knowledge that fits your interests and preferences. 

African Safaris are one of the best bucket lists you would love to tick severally as each destination you visit, is unique every time you visit. Africa is not the same every time you visit, hence we recommend you plan your holiday here severally. With our safari experts on board, be sure we will be right with you 24/7 and 365 days a year to make sure your holidays are exemplary and memorable.

As a locally owned safari company in Kenya, Cheetah Safaris prides itself in serving the communities around us, sustainable safari practices to protect our wildlife, nature, and environment, and furthermore, creating awareness in our communities. For every safari, you book with us, be sure that 10% of your booking goes to a child school funding program that we run.

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Cheetah Safaris offers safaris from the United Kingdom and can be customized to fit your best preferences. We can as well help you with return flight arrangements from the UK to Kenya and Tanzania.

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